NWJMWL - North West Jersey Midget Wrestling League

League Bylaws

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A. THE OBJECTIVE                                                                                                                   1. To offer athletes between the grades kindergarten and sixth the opportunity to learn and   participate in the sport of wrestling.
2. To teach the wrestlers good conduct and sportsmanship.
3. To maintain the league in the wrestlers best interest at all times.
4.  The wrestlers are to be encouraged by the coaches to put schoolwork, conduct and sportsman-like attitudes foremost in their lives.  
1. Officers of the league will be President, Vice President/Treasurer, and Secretary.
2. Officers will be elected at the first annual meeting prior to the wrestling season (reorganization meeting).
3. President will conduct all meetings.  In his absence VP/Treasurer will conduct meetings.
4. All officers may propose or second a motion.
5. All officers will have the authority to sign checks.    
6. The president with breaks all ties in voting on any league topic
1. The league shall have a minimum of 3 meetings per year, a reorganization meeting, a certification meeting and a seeding meeting.  Other meetings may be called at the discretion of the officers.
2. All teams must have a representative at all meetings.  Failure to be represented at a meeting will result in a $100.00 fine and a loss of 1/2 (0.5) a point from team playoff point total.
3. Each team is entitled to one vote.  Team representatives, if other than head coach, must be reported to the Secretary prior to the beginning of the meeting.
4. All bylaw changes are customarily addressed at the reorganization meeting although they may be amended at any time in the off-season.  Changes will require a 2/3 majority vote, with 2/3 of the teams present constituting a quorum.  The exception to this rule is that any bylaw changes openly discussed at any NWJMWL meeting and unanimously supported by all the NWJMWL teams may be made at any time.  
1. Any wrestler who is eligible to certify on a team in this league is eligible to wrestle at the varsity level. No wrestler that has reached the age of 13 prior to September 1st of the current season or is in the seventh (7) grade will be eligible to participate in this league. Students who are home schooled will be eligible based strictly on their age.
2. A wrestler must wrestle for a team in his elementary school district.  Any wrestler who has transferred and/or relocated to another school district must wrestle for the team in the new elementary school district.  The exception to this is if the wrestler moves during the season.  If the wrestler moves during the season the wrestler may remain with his old team for the duration of the season or transfer to the new team at his/her discretion.  The wrestler must wrestle for the new team however the following year.  
3. Unless transferring to a new school district as mentioned under D 2., once rostered with a team the wrestler must remain with that team throughout his/her league eligibility.  Exception: If a wrestler is not rostered on a NWJMWL team for one season he/she is eligible to wrestle for any team in his/her elementary school district.  To be considered rostered a wrestler must be listed on a team’s official roster and have wrestled in at least one NWJMWL match either on a varsity or exhibition level during the preceding year.
4. Any head coach's son/daughter is eligible to wrestle for the head coach's team regardless of district.  Any parent who was an active assistant wrestling coach in the preceding year and assists in coaching a different team in the present year, may have his son/daughter wrestle for the team he coaches pending majority vote of the league.
5. For those wrestlers attending private school outside the area in which they live, a hardship case must be presented at any scheduled NWJMWL meeting in order for that athlete to be considered eligible to wrestle on a program permitted to draw from the geographic established region of the private school.  The wrestler’s eligibility will be determined by a majority vote of the league.
6. League has put a limit (capped) on amount of teams eligible for the League on 18.
7. Established geographical boundaries where the NWJMWL teams may draw:
* Alpha:  Alpha, Bloomsbury (Inactive as of 2004-2005 season).
* Belvidere:  Belvidere, Harmony, Hope, White Township & all elementary schools sending to Belvidere High School (League Vote to remove from League 11/06/08 meeting) *Blairstown: Blairstown, Knowlton, Hardwick, and all elementary schools sending school district to North Warren High School (Inactive as of 2014-2015 season).
Branchville Wrestlers who attend Lafayette Township, Frankfort Township,Port Jervis/Montague sending school district township attending Port Jervis High School
*Del Val:  Holland, Milford, Frenchtown, Kingwood, Alexandria, Lambertville, Stockton, West Amwell and all elementary schools sending to Del Val Regional High School & South Hunterdon High School (Inactive as of 2009-2010 season)
Flemington: Lambertville, Stockton, West Amwell and all elementary schools sending to Hunterdon Central High School & South Hunterdon High School
* Greenwich: Greenwich, Stewartsville, Alpha, and Bloomsbury (resigned from     League end of 2011 season)      
Hackettstown: Hackettstown, Liberty, Independence, Allamuchy and all elementary schools sending school district to Hackettstown High School
Hampton/Sandyston:  Hampton, Sandyston, Layton and Walpack. Send to Kittatiny HS.
Hopatcong: Hopatcong Borough Schools. Sending school district to Hopatcong High School
Lenape Valley:      Probation 2015-2016 season. Byram, Netcong and Stanhope. Send to Lenape Valley HS.
* Lopatcong: Lopatcong & Alpha (resigned from League end of 2011 season)  
Long Valley: Washington township (Morris County) elementary schools district     sending  to West Morris Central  High School District
Mendham:  Chester Twsp, Chester Boro, Mendham Twsp, Mendham Boro. Sending school district to West Morris Mendham High School
Newton:  Newton Public Schools, Andover Boro, Andover Township, Green Township. Sending school district to Newton High School
North Hunterdon: Clinton Boro/Twp, Union twp, Bethlehem Twp (NJ), Lebanon Boro, Franklin twp (Hunterdon County). Sending school district to North Hunterdon High School
*Notre Dame: All wrestlers are drawn from the Notre Dame Parish (Inactive as of 2010-11 season)
Parsippany/Troy Parsippany-Troy Hills Township school district sending to Parsippany Hills:  High School and Parsippany Hills High School sending district. (resigned from League end of 2014 season).
* Phillipsburg PAL: Town of Phillipsburg & Alpha (resigned from League end of 2011 season) .
* Pen Argyl: Plainfield, Pen Argyl, Windgap and Pen Argyl sending school district (inactive as of 2005-2006 season).
* Pohatcong: Pohatcong, Bloomsbury, & Alpha (resigned from League end of 2011 season) .
Randolph:               Probation 2015-2016. Randolph TWP. Send to Randolph HS.
Sparta:  Sparta township, sending district to Sparta High School
* Steele Hill: Town of Phillipsburg & Alpha (resigned from League end of 2011 season) .
Stillwater:  Freedon Township schools, Stillwater Township schools. Sending school district to Kittatiny High School
Sussex:  Sussex & Wantage township
Vernon:                  Probation 2015-2016. Vernon TWP. Send to Vernon HS.
*Voorhees:  Califon, Glen Gardner, Hampton, High Bridge, Lebanon Township, and Tewksbury Township. Sending school district to Voorhees High School. (resigned from League end of 2013 season).
Wallkill Valley: Franklin Boro, Hamburg school district, Hardyston Township, Ogdensburg school district. Sending school district to Wallkill Valley Regional High School. (resigned from league end of 2014 season. Re-entered League beginning of 2015-2016 season).
*Washington Y Washington Boro/Township, Mansfield Twp, Oxford, Franklin Twp (Warren County). Sending school district to Warrens Hills High School. (resigned from League end of 2013 season).
Wharton:                Probation 2015-2016. Rockaway and Wharton. Sending to Morris Hills and Morris Knolls HS.
* = Teams that are inactive  
      E.  ROSTERS
1. A list of all the wrestlers for each team will be presented to the weigh-in official at the official certification.  The list will have the following information: a.   Wrestler's full name. b.   Birth date and age. c.   Home address. d.   Grade e.   School attending f. A space provided for the certified weight (to be filled in by the weigh-in official). g. The wrestlers are to be listed according to their approximate weight, starting from the lowest weight. h. All wrestlers who wish to compete in the league on either JV or varsity must be certified on a team roster.  
2. The above list becomes the official roster and is retained by the secretary until copies are made and returned to each team.
3.  Additions to the roster must be made prior to January 1st. The only way a wrestler can be added to an official roster is by emailing the Board with the wrestlers name, address, birth date, grade, and approximate weight at least 72 hours prior to the next scheduled match or the wrestler is ineligible. A slip or score book must be signed by the wrestlers coach and the opposing coach and then an email is to be sent to the Board copying the opposing coach(s) with the certified weight before the next weeks match.  
1. Wrestler’s weight classes are established at the league's reorganization meeting.
2. At the official weigh-in, all wrestlers will step on the scale stripped to undergarments or      less (socks, underwear & singlet) and the league will assign his/her certified weight.   Female Wrestlers are to wear t-shirts and shorts (or singlet).
3. A wrestler will be allowed to wrestle only his/her certified weight class and up to twoweight classes above but only 1 weight class above what he weighs in at the day of the match.
4. Birth certificates are required and should be submitted at the certified weigh-in for all wrestlers on an annual basis.
5. The league will assign a location to certify all wrestlers.
6. A 1-pound weight allowance will be granted on January 1 and another pound in February.
7. A two-tenths weight allowance will be allocated to all wrestlers stepping on the scale wearing undergarments. This rule pertains to all league weigh-ins (Certification, Dual Meets, League Playoffs, League Tournament).  
1.    Weigh in rules will coincide with the weigh in rules as stated in the current NJISAA   Rule book.
2.    Weigh-in will be conducted by match officials or the two opposing coaches.
3.    Officials shall be registered NJSIAA or PIAA.
4.    Official has the authority to eject any wrestler or coach for un-sportsmanlike conduct.
5.    Proper conduct of wrestlers, coaches and fans will be the responsibility of the coaches.        Disciplinary action will be taken against the coach and/or his team as a result of any                      improper actions.
6.    The Home team shall report the match results to the League. Results will be submitted on the NWJMWL Web-Site (www.nwjmwl.com) by 11:59 PM following the day of the match.        Match results MUST include first and last name of wrestler, actual weight, and match         result. Failure to do so will result in a loss of 0.5 points towards the Individual League         Tournament Team points.
7.    Time of the bouts for varsity will be 1 – 1 ½ - 1-½ minutes.  *Overtime will be 1 minute        feet, double overtime is a 30 second ride out. JV bouts will be 1-1-1 minutes or determined         by the participating coaches on the day of the match. * = Refer to NJSIAA rules pertaining         to overtime format for the current season.
8. The league will schedule matches.
9. All week night matches will grant a 1-lb weight allowance.
10. All teams may elect to submit a JV roster and wrestle in the JV division. It is not mandatory to have a JV roster.
11. Weights for the league will be as follows:  46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 61, 64, 67, 70, 73, 76, 80, 85, 90, 95, 102, 110, 125, HWT (175 max)  a.  A wrestler who wishes to compete at HWT must weigh at least 125 pounds.  
1. The location of the league tournament will be decided upon by the league at the annual meeting.
2. The tournament format will be decided upon at the annual league meeting.
3. Seeding :
a. A league meeting will be held to determine seeding for the league tournament.
b.   Only one coach will be allowed to speak at seeding meetings.  This coach will be   designated prior to the meeting.  One additional coach may attend, however they may only confer with the designated representative of their team.  Tournament director or league officers will enforce these rules.
c. Wrestler’s must wrestle in at least 51% of the team’s scheduled Varsity matches within their certified weight to be eligible to participate in the Individual League Tournament. In order to compete in a weight class, however, wrestlers must wrestle at least 51% of their total Varsity matches at the weight in which the wrestler intends to compete at in the Individual Tournament.
d. A league meeting will be held to determine seeding for the league tournament.
e. A wrestler will be initially seeded in accordance with his overall wins.  Coaches can then challenge seeding based upon:
a. head to head competition. b. prior finish at league tournament. c. competition against strong known opposition within the league. d. wrestling all matches at the same weight class in addition to shifting weight classes to either challenge or avoid tougher competition. e. total number of matches wrestled.
f. Challeges will start from the top seed and work down to last seed. Can only challege one seed above at a time.
g. Each coach with a challenge will be allowed one minute to present his argument after which a majority vote will be taken.
h. Any child who has been seeded in a weight class at the regularly scheduled seeding meeting must wrestle at that weight class.  In the event there is a substitution for a previously seeded wrestler, the coach must inform the league officers prior to the tournament weigh ins.  Eligibility will be determined by majority vote of the coaches at the pre-tournament meeting.
i. Loss of Team points for League enforced Penalties are as follows:
i.  Minus ½ point for failure to submit team scores within time allotted. ii.  Minus ½ point for failure to submit league dues by time indicated at the league Reorganization meeting. iii.  Minus of 1 Team point or more for various penalties deemed detrimental to the NWJMWL and will be determined at a league meeting pending 2/3-majority vote. iv.  Minus ½ team point for failure to have team representation at the Reorganization meeting.
1. The location of the league playoffs will be determined at the annual reorganization meeting or league playoff meeting
2.    Eight teams will qualify to participate in the League Championship playoffs.
      Criteria and seeding (In this order): A. Each NWJMWL team will accrue points for league scheduled meets during the season.           Point accrual is as follows: a. Win = 2points b. Tie = 1 point c. Loss = 0 points
B. Seeding of playoff team will be as follows: a. Total accumulated Team points. b. In the event of a tie, tie breaker will be as follows: i.  Head to head.
3. Remaining teams in League to participate in a Consolation Playoff/Tournament:    Criteria and seeding (In this order): A. Each NWJMWL team will accrue points for league scheduled meets during the           season.           Point accrual is as follows: a. Win = 2points b. Tie = 1 point c. Loss = 0 points
B. Seeding of playoff team will be as follows: a. Total accumulated Team points. b. In the event of a tie, tie breaker will be as follows: i.Head to head.
4. Playoff officials will be recommended by the League.
5. League playoff champion will coach All-Star matches setup with other League, if unable runner-up from the league playoffs gets next choice.
6. Wrestlers must weigh in 50% of Varsity matches within their certified weight to be eligible to participate in the league team playoffs.
1. All fees for the season to be determined annually by league vote.
2. League and division format shall be decided at the reorganization meeting.
3. Any infraction may be referred to the league president by any league representative, or      appointed official (includes referees and tournament director) within 48 hours of the            infraction. The president will contact all league representatives and call a meeting within 48 hours. The league will determine if the infraction is deemed a major or minor infraction. If the league determines the infraction to be major a decision of disciplinary action against any coach and or team will be made. Disciplinary action will be decided upon a 2/3 vote of the league up to and including expulsion. If determined by league to be a minor infraction, first offense will be a 1 point deduction from League Individual Varsity Tournament team score, second offense will be team is placed on probation, and third offense team will be removed from league.  
4. Team awards will be decided at a league meeting.   a. League Champions (one (1) from each division of multiple divisions).   b. League Playoff Champions   c. League Tournament Champions
5. Individual awards for 1st through 6th place will be presented at the league tournament.
6. A special award will be presented annually to recognize an individual who has contributed to the betterment of the league.  The recipient of this award will be decided upon by a league vote.
7. If a team wrestles a day prior to a scheduled meet and at least 2/3 of the starting lineup              participates, there will be a 1-pound weight allowance granted providing 72 hours notice                   is given to the opposing team and President.  
8. Unless part of these bylaws, all-applicable rules governing competition of the league will           be in accordance with the latest Wrestling Rules Book from the NJISAA.
9. Disbandment: In the event the league should have to fold, all funds currently maintained by the league will be held for 6 months following the end of the season. After that time and with no reformation of the league, all funds will be distributed evenly to the teams participating in the league at the end of the previous season. 


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