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Welcome to the North West Jersey Midget Wrestling League. NWJMWL is made up of K though 6th grade teams across the central, eastern and northern parts of New Jersey.

Meeting Date Sept. 12th at North HunterdonNext Meeting , 11/5/2014 - West Morris Central HS 7:00 PM

   There are 3 opportunities right now on our tournament page, the next tournament date is 6/14/2014.

Keith Inglin  3/12/2014 5:33:47 AM  Updated: Keith Inglin  3/12/2014 5:39:21 AM

NWJMWL 2014 Tournament Results

2014 NWJMWL Varsity Results

2014 NWJMWL Junior Varsity Results


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Team Wrestled Done
Branchville 2 of 14 No
Flemington Elks 2 of 14 No
Hackettstown 2 of 14 No
Hanover Township 2 of 14 No
Mt. Olive 2 of 14 No
Newton 2 of 14 No
North Hunterdon 2 of 14 No
Stillwater/Fredon 2 of 14 No
Sussex 2 of 14 No